Babachanian Heads Glendale Bar Association's 2015 Law Day Program



Babachanian | Legal Counsel is pleased to announce that principal counsel Sarkis Jacob Babachanian took the Glendale Bar Association’s 2015 Law Day program to a new level!

For many years, GBA conducted Law Day only at Glendale High School where volunteer judges and lawyers interactively lectured students on law’s critical social importance. This year, Babachanian, a 2015 member of GBA’s Board of Directors, took the Law Day mantle upon himself and expanded the program to two additional GUSD schools – CV and Hoover. With the invaluable assistance of GBA member Arpa Stepanian, Esq., Babachanian oversaw 55 session-lectures by 8 volunteer judges and 25 volunteer lawyers. Lecture topics included current legal affairs, the adversarial nature of our justice system, the world of intellectual property, law’s impact on young people (e.g. in cases of DUI), the criminal justice system, the Bill of Rights and the Magna Carta. Enthusiastic students asked career questions, heard war stories and learned what it’s like to be a lawyer or judge.

Says Babachanian, “The program was a resounding success! Every one of our volunteers had great fun; I’m sure we’ll have many repeat volunteers next year! And it was a real  pleasure working with dedicated professionals who helped take this worthy project to the next level. Honestly, I wish we could do Law Day more often than just once a year.”

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