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Reviews of Attorney Sarkis Jacob Babachanian

Attorney Babachanian is an experienced litigator who effectively advocates for his clients with the utmost professionalism.

- Aram Eric Aslanian, Esq.

Sarkis is a top-of-the-line attorney. He is extremely knowledgeable of the law and is magnificent in court. He has a big heart and possesses the strongest of moral values. I always refer clients in his area of expertise.

- Irwin Max Avelino, Esq.

Very diligent and responsible lawyer. Highly respected in the legal community.

- Sharon Paris Babakhan, Esq.

I know of the fine work he does for his clients, going the extra mile on their behalf.

- Richard Carl Binder, Esq.

I would not hesitate to send one of my own clients to Mr. Babachanian for a matter outside my own practice area. I know him to be one of the truly dedicated servants to the people. He will not let you down.

- Frances Miller Campbell, Esq.

You offered a creative and intelligent solution to what I thought was an impasse. We couldn’t have settled this without your insight.

- Stephen R. “Mac Daddy” Cohen, Esq.

An excellent lawyer. I knew Sarkis when he was just starting out and I could tell then he was going to be a great attorney. I was right. If I ever need a lawyer I’d call Sarkis first….

- James Charles Daloisio, Esq.

I have found in my own criminal defense practice that my past association with a District Attorney’s Office helps me do criminal defense work. So Mr. Babachanian’s experience will be valuable for all his clients.

- Brian Richard Dinday, Esq.

Sarkis, as a mediator you did an excellent job taking the extra time to locate facts buried in medical records that were not laid out in a brief or exhibit. The conscientious effort certainly made a difference and I appreciate the effort which was an added positive step towards helping settle our case. (After mediation.)

- Victor Hairapetian, Esq.

I endorse this lawyer wholeheartedly and without reservation.

- Mazyar Malek Hedayat, Esq.

Experienced and knowledgeable to his clients, Sarkis is also courteous and professional to his colleagues, and does not hesitate to extend a kindness without calculation.

- Agavni Gina Hogtanian, Esq.

Sarkis has tremendous knowledge and a caring attitude when dealing with clients. You can trust Sarkis during your time of need.

- Raymond Hovsepian, Esq.

Mr. Babachanian provides detailed and insightful analysis to questions posed by AVVO subscribers. The detailed responses and thorough explanations provided here display a vast knowledge of the law. He is an asset to the legal community.

- Anthony Janji, Esq.

Sarkis is an experienced criminal lawyer committed to excellent service for his clients and I highly recommend him.

- Pius Joseph, Esq.

Mr. Babachanian is an attorney who has always placed the needs and interest of his clients above all else. He is diligent, conscientious and extremely professional.

- Roland H Kedikian, Esq.

Sarkis is an extremely thorough and effective mediator. His counsel was invaluable in reaching a favorable resolution to a difficult and emotionally-charged case.

- Zachary James Levine, Esq.

I have known Sarkis for many years and know he is a highly skilled and detail oriented attorney who will handle your case with diligence and care.

- Hovanes Margarian, Esq.

Sarkis is an honest and competent lawyer and I highly recommend him.

- Stephen B Mashney, Esq.

A highly experienced and well-respected attorney. Mr. Babachanian is an aggressive litigator and a zealous advocate to his clients. Highly recommended.

- C. Logan McKechnie, Esq.

Mr. Babachanian is a zealous advocate for his clients. I highly recommend him.

- Henrik Mosesian Mosesi, Esq.

Sarkis is an exceptional lawyer who is knowledgeable and hardworking.

- George Panagis Moschopoulos, Esq.

Unquestionably competent, consistently conscientious, endlessly hardworking, always helpful, and highly dedicated, it is well-known this exceptional lawyer is an excellent trial attorney who is a tremendous asset to the DUI Defense Bar community. Any person in need who hires this superb attorney will know he or she is in capable hands. For a number of positive reasons, I am honored to endorse Mr. Babachanian.

- George Fredrick Mueller, Esq.

I am impressed. I am speechless. (After a difficult but successful mediation.) 

- Thomas J. Mullen, Esq.

No one will work harder and you will not get a better lawyer than Mr. Babachanian.

- Nicholas Chukwuemeka Okorocha, Esq.

Your imaginative damages analysis was beneficial in bringing the parties together. I’ll use you again. (After mediation.)

- James A. Otto, Esq.

Mr. Babachanian is extremely knowledgeable in many areas of the law. I encourage anyone to seek out his advice and representation when they need legal assistance. He is a strong and zealous advocate for his clients and a credit to the legal profession. I highly recommend his legal services.

- David Alexander Russomanno, Esq.

Mr. Babachanian is dependable, competent and fights for his clients’ rights. I highly recommend his services.

- Armen Sefyan, Esq.

Sarkis is a good friend and one hell of a lawyer. I fully recommend Sarkis to anyone who is looking for an aggressive, yet very ethical representation.

- Armen Michael Tashjian, Esq.

Huge thanks to Sarkis Jacob Babachanian for an amazing mentorship experience!!! Proud to announce the very FIRST jury trial I second-chaired from start to finish got a 1385 dismissal! The experience was ecstatic: the spectrum of feelings ranged from anxiety to euphoria. Concluding thoughts: ‘We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand.’ – Randy Pausch

- Lilit Tovmasyan, Esq.

Excellent attorney, very knowledgeable, efficient, and creative in his defense methods.

- Lilit Tovmasyan, Esq.

A superb attorney. Attentive to detail, personable and aggressive when necessary. Just the type of Criminal Defense or Personal Injury attorney you need if you are in trouble and/or need legal advice.

- Paul Robert Upton, Esq.

Practical and efficient. I’ll use you again. (After mediation.)

- Gordon R. Wallack, Esq.

Sarkis Babachanian has served as a mediator for me in the past. He is great and deals very well with extremely emotional parties. He is also generous with his time and treats everyone with respect.

- Sarah Rose Wolk, Esq.

Sarkis is very experienced and knowledgeable in the area of criminal law. I refer criminal matters to Sarkis, assured that the client will receive great advice and representation. He also is a great person and with high ethical standards.

- Michael Jay Zuckerman, Esq.

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