Glendale Suspended Driver License Attorney

By attorney Sarkis Jacob Babachanian, Los Angeles / Glendale Suspended Driver License Attorney

In California, driving with a suspended license is a big deal. Many people don’t take it seriously, but each day people are unhappily surprised to learn that getting caught driving with a suspended license can get them arrested and sentenced to actual jail time. Even worse, if your license was originally suspended because of reckless driving or a DUI, you will likely pick up a probation violation with a very real risk of jail time. On top of that, if the suspension was DUI-related, judges frequently impose the additional burden of having a defendant install a costly and embarrassing ignition interlock device in order to drive when again eligible. (An ignition interlock device is essentially a breathalizer installed in your car and connected to your ignition that you’ll need to blow into to start the car and then, every 15 minutes or so, to keep driving.) The court can impose this restriction for up to three years.

Glendale suspended driver license attorney Sarkis Jacob Babachanian has been helping people work through their suspended license problems for years. If your license was suspended and you need help, contact us to get started on setting the problem straight.

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