Glendale Expungement Attorney

What is Expungement and How Can It Help?

The word “expungement” is a bit inaccurate because it suggests a criminal record can be erased. That’s usually not the case. Instead, expungements are post-conviction, post-probation petitions for dismissal under California Penal Code section 1203.4; the court reopens the case, substitutes a “not guilty” plea for the earlier finding of guilt, and then dismisses the case. Once this happens, you can truthfully answer that you were not convicted of the expunged crime if asked on most employment applications. You must still, however, disclose the conviction in applications for licenses (e.g. contractor, broker, lawyer, doctor, etc.) and when contracting with the California Lottery.

There are important advantages to having your criminal record expunged, especially in a tight job market where candidates need every advantage to be competitive. If expunging your record is something you’ve been considering, know that it takes time to file and process the motion – sometimes two months or more. Consider starting the process now, while there is time, instead of waiting until later when time-sensitive issue (like a new job application) come up. Contact Glendale expungement attorney Sarkis Jacob Babachanian now at (818) 500-0678 to discuss your facts, your expected outcome and whether an expungement is for you.

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