Traffic Violations Defense

Traffic violations and criminal defense attorney Sarkis Jacob Babachanian represents local
and out-of-area clients accused of traffic infractions and misdemeanors. 

Serving clients at courts in Glendale, Burbank, Pasadena, Alhambra, Van Nuys,
Los Angeles, San Fernando and throughout Southern California.

police car with lights

Attorney Sarkis Jacob Babachanian

exaggerating officers, unfair tickets and excessive fines

dismissal of charges, lower bail and fines,
and alternative dispositions without DMV points.

you keep or get back your license,
maintain your transportation lifeline, 
keep insurance costs down
and minimize points on your DMV record.

In the Los Angeles area, transportation is like a lifeline; so much depends on it.

If you're facing an expensive ticket or your driver license is at risk because of a citation, we're here for you. Contact us today.

Your Trusted Guide and Protector

Experienced traffic ticket and criminal defense lawyer Sarkis Jacob Babachanian — Sark — offers local and out-of-area clients efficient, cost-effective solutions for traffic infraction and misdemeanor citations across the greater Los Angeles area. 

Sark works to...

...keep new points off your driving record

...restore your driving privilege after a suspension for failure to appear

...prevent insurance rates from rising because of your traffic ticket

...avoid wasting your valuable time sitting in court all day waiting for your case to be called

Infractions (Partial List)

  • Speeding
  • Running a red light
  • Running a stop sign
  • Failing to yield
  • Not signaling
  • Crossing the median
  • Driving in HOV/car pool lane
  • Not stopping for school bus
  • Not stopping for pedestrians
  • Not using seatbelt
  • Driving on shoulder
  • Passing in a no passing zone
  • Driving without a license, insurance or registration
  • Unsafe Lane Change
  • Red Light Camera
  • Failure to Obey a Sign

Misdemeanors (Partial List)

  • Driving with a Suspended License
  • DUI – Alcohol and/or Drugs
  • Exhibition of Speed / Speed Contests
  • Evading the Police
  • Habitual Traffic Offender
  • Reckless Driving
  • Driving with marijuana in vehicle

Sark's been helping people in Los Angeles area work through their traffic court problems for years. Trust him to work toward the best outcome obtainable whether by dismissal, negotiation or, if appropriate, trial.

Reach Sark today to talk straight about an efficient, cost-effective solution to your traffic ticket problem.