Theft Crimes Defense

By attorney Sarkis Jacob Babachanian, Los Angeles / Glendale Theft Crimes Lawyer

Theft is when someone unlawfully takes another’s property intending to permanently deprive that person of the property. Theft is sometimes called larceny. Theft related crimes are categorized as [simple_tooltip content=’Felonies are crimes punishable by greater than a year in state prison and/or a fine or, in special circumstances, by death.’]felonies[/simple_tooltip] or [simple_tooltip content=’Misdemeanors are crimes punishable by up to a year in county jail and/or a fine.’]misdemeanors[/simple_tooltip]; petty theft (think shoplifting) is typically filed as a misdemeanor, while grand theft tends to be filed as a felony, though it can be filed as a misdemeanor. Related theft crimes include [simple_tooltip content=’Shoplifting is a form of petty theft under California Penal Code section 484, and is typically charged as a misdemeanor unless the defendant has a sufficient prior to justify a felony filing.’]shoplifting[/simple_tooltip], [simple_tooltip content=’Grand theft under California Penal Code section 487 involves stealing property valued at more than $950 during any 12-month period, or certain property categories (firearms, cars, etc.) even if of a lower value.’]grand theft[/simple_tooltip], [simple_tooltip content=’Burglary under California Penal Code section 459 and related sections can be in the first degree (residential, always a felony), commercial (sometimes charged as a felony and sometimes as a misdemeanor) or automobile (usually charged as a misdemeanor).’]burglary[/simple_tooltip], [simple_tooltip content=’Embezzlement under California Penal Code section 503 is a form of white collar crime involving fraudulent appropriation of property by a person to whom it was entrusted.’]embezzlement[/simple_tooltip], [simple_tooltip content=’Receiving stolen property under California Penal Code section 496 criminalizes receiving, buying, concealing, selling or withholding from the owner property known to be stolen.’]receiving stolen property[/simple_tooltip], crimes involving [simple_tooltip content=’Theft by false pretenses under California Penal Code section 532 happens when a person convincing another to give up property by lying to the victim to get them to give up something of value.’]fraud and theft by false pretenses[/simple_tooltip], and others.

For over 20 years, Glendale theft crimes attorney Sarkis Jacob Babachanian has been providing compassionate, caring representation to people accused of all types of theft crimes. If you or a loved one are being charged with theft, contact Babachanian | Legal Counsel today for a free initial consultation to discuss your facts, rights, defenses, options and defense strategy.

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