Client Testimonials

I am so happy about your service!

- Hector

Great attorney! Thank u Sarkis!

- Tamar

Thanks a lot sir! Can't begin to say how appreciative I am!

- HA

I was represented by Sarkis. He was very professional and on top of things. He would always follow up to make sure we were doing ok. He was very professional and knowledgeable. I would not want to be represented by anyone else. He was awesome!

- James

My past experiences with some public defenders weren't always the greatest, so the next time I got myself into a bind that was a little bit more serious I decided to look into a private attorney. A family member referred me to Mr. Babachanian. It turned out that not only was his style and knowledge very professional, but he had a deep concern and made my future his main concern. He is the kind of attorney anybody would be blessed to have represent them in a case. Thank you very much Mr. Babachanian for all you have done.

- AP

Mr. Babachanian is an outstanding attorney. My particular situation was a bit complicated, so naturally I was a little nervous on picking the right person for the job. Sarkis impressed me right away with his knowledge and familiarity of the courthouse I had been issued to, which is important for anyone to consider. Not only that, but he was extremely patient and thorough in answering all of the questions one has while going through such a legal ordeal. The legal fees were always fair and he let me know in plenty time what I could be potentially facing financially. When dealing with the prosecution, he always took any extra steps he could take to further defend my case. To put it in terms one can understand, I was facing a 3rd DUI, 6 months in Los Angeles County Jail (and possibly more time for a probation violation). My license would have inevitably been revoked about 3-5 years and I would have had to complete 3 years of alcohol classes. But like I said, Sarkis is an outstanding attorney! Thanks to Sarkis, I walked out of court with what is called a 'wet reckless', no jail, a minimal fine, 9 months of alcohol classes, and only a few short months after my disposition, I am able to drive with a restricted license. So in short, Sarkis knows the law, and he has excellent people skills, his confidence in the courtroom is unparalleled and he is a person I would recommend to have in their defense when facing a legal battle.

- Thomas

I was in trouble with the law, and a friend of mine recommended Sarkis, so I took his advice and made an appointment. The minute I walked into Sarkis's office I was told to calm down and take a seat, and that everything will be alright. He gave me a quick rundown of the law, what might happen, and the steps we needed to take in order to prevent escalating the situation. To be honest I've dealt with many lawyers in the past, but none were as experienced and trustworthy as Sarkis. I was a little worried that I might not be able to afford his services, but the guy really knows his business and is really willing to work with clients. In the end Sarkis got me out of trouble with the law, and cleared all the charges on me. I'm very grateful to have met him, and will recommend Sarkis to anyone.

- Art

I was represented by Mr. Babachanian on a misdemeanor charge for driving with a suspended license. From our initial telephone consultation through our in-person meeting through to his ultimate attainment of a sound plea offer for a minimal fine, Mr. Babachanian conducted himself with the utmost warmth, accessibility, professionalism, and excellence. I was so impressed with his wide-ranging legal knowledge and versatility that I have repeatedly returned to his practice with inquiries on a variety of topics. Invariably, his input and guidance are marked by knowledge, wisdom, high value, and unmistakable good instincts. Any person in need of top legal counsel would benefit from Mr. Babachanian's service. Not only is he exceptional in and of himself, but he stands out in a field that tends to be characterized by distant and aloof professionals. Sarkis Babachanian is outstanding.

- Eric

Mr. Babachanian is an outstanding lawyer that goes out of his way to get the job done. I first went to Sarkis not knowing what to expect or how I would deal with the case held against me. Sarkis immediately made me feel comfortable in the way that I felt like I was speaking to an old friend. He is very knowledgeable in criminal defense and gave me options on how to go about my case. Options are key when you feel you have none. Long story short, Mr. Babachanian is a great lawyer with an unyielding commitment to his profession. I have and always will recommend Mr. Babachanian to my friends and family.

- Luis

Sarkis helped me through a very difficult situation. He was very kind and did all he could for me. Made me feel comfortable and hopeful for the outcome of the case. Highly recommendable.

- Aric

Sark did all he could to help me deal with a difficult situation. He was honest with me about my case and kept me informed. I recommend him to anyone who needs a good, hardworking, honest lawyer who gets things done.

- M

I have had nothing but a good experience with Sarkis Babachanian. He represented me in a car accident case and was absolutely professional, kind, and knowledgeable in his work. If you need someone to represent you in any case, you will not go wrong in picking Sarkis Babachanian as your attorney.

- Anita

Sark is an exceptional lawyer. He's advised me on business matters for many years. He cares, he listens, and he gets things done. His advice is always sage and well thought out. His fees are very reasonable and he's worth every penny and more. If you need a lawyer who is both wise and does exactly what he says he'll do, he's your man.

- S

Sarkis is a skillful, intelligent, and ethical attorney. He speaks clearly and authoritatively. He offers sage counsel and great insight into business, the legal process and the law. Sarkis fights fiercely and fairly for the rights of his clients. Sarkis is a great attorney whom I'd recommend without hesitation to anyone.

- Stewart

Mr. Sarkis Jacob Babachanian helped me with my case and I am very grateful to have met him. He is a devoted and caring lawyer - the way all lawyers should be. He knows what he is doing and truly cares.

- Assia

I am very fortunate, and honored by being represented by Mr. Sarkis Babachanian in my case. After spending time and money with other lawyers, I couldn't be happier by switching it to him. He is an expert in law, and a great humanitarian. He will work hard for you, and always keep you posted of every little detail of each step of the process. Looking for the client's needs. And his fees are very decent for the amount of effort he will put in your case.

- Luigi

If you are looking for a kind, ethical and professional lawyer, then look no further. I hired Sarkis to take care of a problem. I was pleasantly surprised at how he took care of it. He treated me just like family. He is the kindest and nicest lawyer I have ever met. I highly recommend Sarkis Babachanian.

- Guy

After interviewing with several attorneys I finally met with Sarkis and instantly knew he was the one for our case. He shines with so much information, knowledge and confidence; Sark has always kept me informed and up to date. He really went above and beyond for us. Overall I was pleased with the outcome of the case. I would never recommend someone who I did not believe in myself and I am now working with Sarkis a second time.

- Anna

Went for consultation. Sarkis was helpful but finally concluded that he needed to recommend me to an expert after some higher level questions determined that my case would exceed his expertise. I recommended him later to a buddy of mine with a DWI and my friend was quite happy with the results of his case. Sarkis knows what he knows and knows what he doesn't know and isn't too full of himself to admit this and refer business to others. He easily could have taken my case and given me something other than ideal representation. He didn't and I appreciate that. (So far so good on the expert friend, but we are still in process.)

- Al

There are times when customer service is so exceptional, it warrants special recognition. On a contractual insurance matter, I consulted with Sarkis J. Babachanian. After thoroughly reviewing my documents, Sarkis objectively presented the pros and cons allowing me to make an informed decision whether or not to pursue the case. I was impressed with his assessment and chose to forge ahead. Sarkis filed the motion in superior court, and soon thereafter was successful in obtaining a favorable outcome for me. I am convinced that had it not been for the pragmatic approach and expertise of Sarkis, I would not have prevailed. Thank you once again for a job well done.

- Ed

Mr. Babachanian is an excellent attorney. He takes a very caring approach to his client's legal needs. He helped me resolve my business matter very efficiently. He was able to resolve my issue quickly and saved me alot of money from avoiding a long drawn out court case. I would definitely recommend Sark as my attorney of choice.

- Sebu

The experience that we had with Sarkis was outstanding...he kept us informed at every stage of our bankruptcy....we don't know what we would have done without him representing us...I would let everyone know he's the go to guy when it comes to professionalism and knowledge in all aspects of his profession.....keep up the good work Sarkis!

- Julie

Excellent Lawyer...Sarkis Babachanian is a great lawyer. I had a consultation and he was so thorough in his research. He gave me the background knowledge and confidence I needed to follow through with my particular situation. I would highly recommend his services.

- Edmond

As a film and video producer, before every new project we have to set the rules for the deliverables and responsibilities of both the Producer and our Client. Telling our client’s stories cinematically is both an Art and Science, and because of that there are thousands of variables to the process of making a film. Babachanian has always been there for us to ensure that both parties completely understand the responsibilities and deliverables, and most importantly Babachanian has always looked in our best interest to make sure that we are well protected in the eyes of law. Starting a project with a solid legal contract completely changes the way we approach the film production process, and as a producer the peace of mind is crucial to our creativity and business survival. Art Simon Productions highly recommends Babachanian’s legal expertise to anyone dealing in the service sector.

- Art Simon, Producer and Director

Thank you very much for your work on my case, I was very happy with the outcome.

- ET

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