Bankruptcy - Chapter 7

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Babachanian Stops Creditors and Resolves Personal and Business Debts in 3 Steps!


free, detailed, no-pressure consultation to answer your questions and see how to best help you.


 Representation to gather necessary information, prepare and file your bankruptcy papers, and appear with you at a “meeting of creditors.” (Usually no creditor shows up!)


Relief knowing that creditors should immediately stop harassing you and soon enough you should receive a “notice of discharge” declaring you to be DEBT FREE!

Contact California Bankruptcy Attorney Jake Babachanian for a free, detailed consultation. We’ll talk straight about all of your options including debt negotiation strategies outside of bankruptcy (if that interests you) and your options in bankruptcy.

Get rid of that dark cloud over your head, start fresh, rebuild your credit and start sleeping again at night.

What does it mean to declare bankruptcy?

Declaring bankruptcy means you’re formally announcing you can’t pay your bills as they come due and need the bankruptcy court to protect you from your creditors. 

What does Chapter 7 mean?

In Chapter 7 cases, a court-appointed trustee collects the debtor’s non-exempt property, if any, sells it and distributes the proceeds (less the trustee’s cut) to creditors. Because the law allows for debtors to exempt a good deal of  property, many Chapter 7 cases are deemed “no asset” cases. In such cases, the debtor keeps most (if not all) of his or her property leaving the creditors with nothing. Attorney Babachanian represents clients only in Chapter 7 liquidation cases for individuals and businesses. (If you need a different type of bankruptcy, we can refer you to an appropriate professional.)  

What is 'automatic stay' mean in bankruptcy?

Once you file a bankruptcy petition in court, an “automatic stay” stops further collection efforts against you unless the bankruptcy court lifts the stay or a creditor files an adversary proceeding against you in bankruptcy court. 

Can I still file for bankruptcy petition after the 2005 rule change?

Many people believe that Chapter 7 is no longer available to them after the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 (BAPCPA), but that may not be true in your case. Whether a person is eligible for a consumer Chapter 7 depends on his or her financial condition. Contact us today to schedule a free, detailed initial consultation to see if bankruptcy protection is right for you.