• A Lawyer for All Seasons…
    Babachanian | Legal Counsel offers broad and deep experience across a range of legal matters. From quick phone advice to long-term litigation, we've got you covered.
  • Criminal Defense
    We fight exaggerated charges, illegal searches, lying witnesses and false evidence.
  • Criminal Defense
    We negotiate dismissals, lower bail and fines, alternatives to custody and less or no jail time.
  • Criminal Defense
    We help clients keep jobs, calm family, get needed treatment and stay out of jail or prison.
  • Restraining Orders
    From domestic violence victims to those falsely accused, we help people needing advice in all kinds of restraining orders situations.
  • Personal Injury
    We litigate serious and catastrophic accident cases to make clients whole after they’ve been injured by the wrongful acts of others.
  • Civil Rights and Police Misconduct
    Babachanian | Legal Counsel helps victims of police brutality and overdetention recover damages for their serious injuries.
  • Business Litigation
    Our firm helps businesses resolve contract, trade secret, employment and other disputes by negotiating settlements when feasible and by aggressively litigating if the adversary’s inflexibility leaves no solution other than a fight in court.
  • Business Start-Ups
    We help clients form, maintain and dissolve business entities like corporations, LLCs and partnerships.
  • Business and Personal Contracts
    We counsel clients on simple and complex business, employment, real estate and personal agreements.
  • Mediation and Dispute Resolution
    A trained, experienced mediator of litigated cases, Mr. Babachanian strives to minimize risk by helping parties settle on their own terms.